April 1st, 2019

Special Announcement from Jollytails Resort

As our business grows and our non-human client base continues to diversify, we are pleased to announce a new service offering at our facility on McQuade Lake Crescent in Bayers Lake. 

Effective August 1st, we will begin offering hybrid daycare for our feline and canine clients.  This new service, based on the latest animal behaviour research, will see cats and dogs spending their time together in one daycare room. 

This new service promises to be very popular among both feline and canine guests, who will see many health benefits:

·         Canine guests will get plenty of exercise chasing their feline counterparts.

·         Feline guests will get plenty of exercise running and scheming against their canine pals.

·         Canine guests will learn litter training techniques from their feline friends, including the scoot, scratch and cover techniques! 

For more information on this service, google “April Fools Jokes” or give us a call!