Our Team

Matt Lafond - Owner

Jollytails Resort franchise owner Matt is a long-time animal lover and erstwhile country boy who lives with Chance the Sheltie, superhero goats named Jitterbug and Foxtrot, and his husband/sidekick, Kevin. In addition to his mission at Jollytails Resort, Matt has a regulatory consulting practice, and once upon a time, he practised law (before realizing that dogs make the best clients – although they make terrible character witnesses). Matt has finally found his dream workplace and will welcome every canine customer with a smile and generous ear-scratches.

Kevin Schulz - Operations Director

Husband, animal lover, vegetarian and dad to a Sheltie and two goats, Kevin is the Director of Operations at Jollytails Resort. Before Jollytails Resort, Kevin had a successful career in fundraising - working with national and local charities as well as in the education sector. Most recently, he worked with an environmental not-for-profit organization, helping protect important natural places in Atlantic Canada so that at-risk species of wildlife and plants have a chance for survival. Kevin loves dogs, goats, wildlife and a good veggie burger (in that order!). He treats every dog he meets like his own, and is excited to welcome your family member to Jollytails Resort with the same care and attention he would give his own pup. 

Chance the Sheltie - Chief Barking Officer

Chance is the official mascot and greeter at Jollytails Resort, although he prefers the title Chief Barking Officer. He is a 9 year old Sheltie mix who made his way into the lives of his dads, Matt and Kevin, after spending time at rescue shelters in Quebec and Ontario. He crossed paths with his future family during a chance encounter at one of his shelters, and has been a member of the family ever since. In his spare time, Chance enjoys barking, toys and treats, more barking, and playing with his two goat brothers.  Chance is looking forward to greeting you and your pup with a hearty bark at Jollytails Resort.

Allie Williams - Resort Manager

Marion Waldron-Blain - trainer

John Park - Groomer

Donald Price- Doggy daycare and boarding attendant

Lindsay Gates - Pet products expert

Amy Lee- Doggy daycare and boarding attendant

Sydney Herbert - Doggy daycare and boarding attendant

Sydney is a local Haligonian and Jollytails Resort neighbour. She currently lives with her childhood cat and dog, Pinot Noir (a fluffy black cat) and Peter (a Long-haired Dachshund); her fur nephew, Gus (an Australian Cattle Dog); and her JTR rescue puppy, Georgie (an Australian Shepherd). Her gang of 3 dogs love going Jollytails Resort as honourary guests and enjoy meeting the new pups who come to visit!

As a lifelong animal lover, Sydney is a strong advocate for animal rights.  A vegetarian since age 11, Sydney has taken advantage of every opportunity to work or volunteer with animals: from volunteering with the Blanding’s Turtle Stewardship Program at Kejimkujik National Park, to working with the traditional livestock at the Cole Harbour Heritage Farm Museum, and now caring for the doggy guests at Jollytails Resort. Sydney treats every dog that comes through the front door at JTR as her own with lots of love, attention and ear scratches, and will ensure your pup has a great experience at Jollytails Resort.

Lindsay Currie- Doggy daycare and boarding attendant

Lindsay recently moved back to Halifax after spending time in Alberta, working at a busy doggy daycare and boarding facility. During her free time in Alberta, Lindsay enjoyed volunteering at local shelters, including the SPCA. Here in Nova Scotia, Lindsay has volunteered with SHAID animal shelter in Bridgewater. She loves the atmosphere at JTR and enjoys spending time with the many dogs who come to visit.